The Paranormal Anomaly Society of Tidewater 

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PAST Investigations

9/21/12 - Private Residence in New Kent.....Evidence processed.

Update! We caught several EVP's (see evidence page).  We had a spirit playing peekaboo with us and we heard a disembodied moan in the soybean field.  Recordings to follow.


9/21/12 - Crisscross Rd. - Behind West  Bound Rest Stop in Providence Forge. (site of 1989 "Parkway/New Kent  Murder/Abduction, bodies found about a mile away).....

UPDATE! Had an interesting experience at Crisscross Rd.  We caught 1 EVP (see evidence page) It sounds like a sob.  While we were there, several of us saw a headlight coming down the road towards us.  The car was headed toward a bend in the road...the car never passed us.  It didn't get there.  It was not just a light, it was the bulb, and 3 of us saw it.  We did feel a breeze blow by.


On our latest and possibly last trip to visit the Cohoke light (not really) we found out some possible truths.  On our last adventure we had the assistance of a psychic.  Let's call the psychic "D".  We were on the tracks with D and she told us that there was a railroad conductor there.  She described him as wearing overalls and a railroad cap.  As we all smelled a strange sweet smell on the wind, She said he was smoking a pipe.  He was standing there with his thumbs hooked in his overalls rocking back on his heels. When asked, he told D that the light was a signal light to warn oncoming trains to slow down.  At the section of track we were on, it makes perfect sense.  There used to be a train station there.  Look in up..Sweethall Train Depot.  He said that there had been an accident one night.  The oncoming train did not see the light and did not slow down.  Makes sense.  The conductor said that the person holding the light was swinging it back and forth, high over head.  Perhaps that person is haunted by guilt,  by the thought that he could have done something different or tried harder to slow the oncoming train. 

We traveled to a different section of the track.  Things were very different at the new place.  D said she could see men swinging hammers or picks at the track.  She said some of the men were tied or chained together.  They where wearing blue uniforms, some of them grey.  She described them as wearing Kepis....  Obviously Civil War soldiers.  She said they were up to no good...doing something bad. One of the mysteries surrounding the area is that there was supposed to have been a confederate train passing through the area enroute to West Point from Richmond.  The train was carrying wounded confederate soldiers.  The train vanished without a trace.  Was it sabotage?  Is that what D was witnessing?  Did the Union derail the train?  There is a pond/swamp nearby.  Could the train and bodies  have been burned and the scrap thrown into the water?  Remember trains back then were not a mile long and perhaps a transport train like that may have only had 5 to 10 cars total.  There's more!

As we were standing the watching, we began to see lights.  First we saw a dim blue to white ball of light move down the RT rail of the track. As it came towards us, it vanished.... It was about 75 ot 100 yards ahead of us.  We all continued to watch.  As we stood there, we all saw a similar light as the one before.  This time the light was very low on the track....and as I saw it, it made the same path coming up the right hand side of the track.  It turned to the left, changed to a whiter light, then to pink and just as it reached the left rail, it turned in to a blazing bright red light and crossed over the left rail as if it had to climb the rail to cross.  It went to the left rose up, went over the rail and as it started across, disappeared.  The only way I can describe it is  as..if it was as if an animal (very low to the ground) wearing a collar with a very very very bright red light attached to it. Now get this, the other three saw just the opposite of what I did.  They saw it come down the center of the track...(more or less) then cross to the right!  I have never seen anything like that.  I have never heard anyone describe anything like that....we were all blown away....and of course, none of it was caught on film...or video.  There's more!!!! 

While we standing there recovering from what we had seen, we saw the light appear again.  This time it appeared as the light usually does.  It was a ball of light hovering above the track.  Except this time the light took off to the left side of the track and vanished into the woods.  D sensed something else about this.  That area of the country was owned by the Indians long ago.  It was Pamunkey Indian land.  D tolds us that there was the strong spiritual prescence of an Indian leader.  He was and is very very upset about the railroad being there and about there land being desecrated.  She said the indian was not upset with visitors...just about the railroad.  One thing I forgot to mention, as we saw the light, I felt a rush of energy hit my face.  D felt the same energy all over, she said it was very powerful. This was by far the best visit we have had at the light.  We will probably not return until winter when the light seems to be more active.

The Cohoke Light  - West Point, VA

 We have been to the "Light" at West Point.  We have seen the light.  Haaahaaa... We have seen it change colors, sometimes it's white, sometimes it's red and other times it turns blue. Sometimes it is closer, sometimes it is up in the trees.  Some of the sightings are cars crossing the tracks.  There are two crossings, Cohoke and Sweet H all.  The road at Cohoke crosses the tracks going away from you from right to left.  So, occasionally you see a red light moving right to left and a white light moving left to right...that could be a car.  There is also a bright blue light that changes to white (and different intensities) on some type of equipment box.  If you look down the track from Sweet Hall at a certain angle, you might be able to see it under certain conditions.  At the Sweet Hall crossing, the road is more or less perpendicular to the track, so depending on the vehicles design, sometimes tails lights or head lights are seen crossing.  We originally thought the 2 crossings were too far apart, but I measured  it and it's only about a mile and a half, AND it's a straight shot.  The light is real, I believe there is something there, but some of what is seen are car lights.   When we are there, we also see shadows moving around us, like out of the corner of your eye.  We feel as if there is someone there.  We have heard gravel crunching around the car.  Occasionally we see sparkles running up and down the track.  Very interesting place.  I have some more ideas and some new things to try the next time we go there.  I really want something to happen with EVPs.  I think there is a lot of potential there.  I have not been up there when the light was extremely active.  I have not seen it up close as some have.  I can't wait for that to happen and be there with equipment.  I think we will get some hard evidence.  Till next time. ---Ray


NEW INVESTIGATION - Cohoke Light - 07/28/2012.....

On this investigation we decided to walk through from the Cohoke Crossing, all the way to the Sweet Hall Crossing.  It's about 1.75 miles.  After we started walking, Libby and I had strange feelings, a tingling, the hair on our arms stood up and we had a very creepy feeling.  About 5 minutes in to the walk, I saw a large angular shadow on the ground.  All of a sudden the shadow drew back in to itself and was if it was absorbed by the ground.  The whole time all of this is happening, the K2 was lit full red.  It did this off and on through the entire investigation. We did not see the light that night, but we did get a lot of EVPs.  Take a listen on our evidence page.


That same night we took a trip down to Cornwallis' Cave.  We did not hear, see or record any evidence from that location whatsoever.  Except maybe this one picture!   SEE  EVIDENCE PAGE