The Paranormal Anomaly Society of Tidewater 

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1. Notebook and Pencil

2. Digital Recorders

3. EMF Detectors

4. Thermometers

5. Camcorders with Night Vision Capability with Tripods

6. Analog Video Camera with Tripod

7. Laser Grid

8. Ghost Box

9. Digital and Film Cameras with Tripods

10. UV and Strobe Lights

11. Flashlights

12. Two-way Radios

13.  I created my own version of this electronic box, like the flashlight lighting trick, a spirit only has to lightly touch a button to make LED light come on.  Lets call it a "Touch Box"!

Digital Voice Recorder w/ memory card or USB out.

K2 meter

Sony camcorder w/ night shot plus


Laser Grid Light


Laser Grid

Touch box

Touch box lit