The Paranormal Anomaly Society of Tidewater 

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Who We Are and Our Mission

Hello, we are PAST.  We are a dedicated, enthusiastic group of researchers and investigators from the Tidewater, Va area.  Half of our group has lived in the Tidewater area their entire lives.  We are a non-profit group dedicated to getting answers and helping people with their problems.  We are fortunate to have a medium on our team.  We use her abilities as well as equipment and hard evidence to document our cases.  We are very professional and take what we do very seriously.  We do believe in the paranormal, but we are level headed enough to know that there may be another answer for what's going on. We look for alternative answers.  Sometimes there is an answer......sometimes there is not.  If there is a "logical solution" to whats going on, we can make suggestions and possibly provide solutions.  If there is truly an unexplained problem, we have ways to help you through it and possibly provide closure and resolve the situation.  We would be more than happy to hear from you.  Your confidentiality will always be respected.  You can contact us at [email protected].